Boris Johnson Convenient Love affair with China

‘I love China,’ Boris Johnson tells Xi Jinping in phone call covering belt and road projects and coronavirus, among other issues

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told President Xi Jinping that Britain welcomed Chinese investment under Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative, a geopolitical move that will probably further upset the Trump administration.

Proclaiming “I love China” in their phone conversation – a phrase mentioned by Chinese state media but not the official account released by the prime minister’s office – Johnson displayed a cosiness with Beijing that contrasts with his hardline approach to the European Union

amid Brexit trade talks


In another move that will unnerve Brussels, Xi said in a separate phone call with the president of Croatia – which currently holds the EU presidency – that China seeks to deepen ties with Central and Eastern European countries.

Johnson’s pledge to stay close to China on international issues comes after his government refused to heed Washington’s request to impose a ban on Huawei Technologies, giving the Chinese tech giant a share in Britain’s next-generation 5G mobile networks.

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